It’s Friday! But this is news starting with yesterday.

Drove the hour drive back to the city of Sydney. Just like a normal busy city, lots of cars and people. I was lucky to find a great old hotel that housed the oldest tavern in Sydney. It was near the Rocks area and Sydney Harbor Bridge. But first a quick trip to Manly Beach and the former military training camp where there were awesome views of the city and some hiking around the WW 1 and 2 bunkers. Never know that they had ships sunk too, but they “caught” a Japanese sub. Didn’t know that the city of Darwin was hit badly too. The British sent their prisoners to Australia then hired them to fight their wars. Interesting.

Love the little pedestrian only areas. It makes it so much more of a community feel.


Then a little walk around the hotel area. Super close to the Sydney Opera House.

After a lot of walking I had my first kangaroo burger. I had mixed feelings about it. It was tasty enough but they are so cute!

People start happy hour very early and it goes on for sometime. The hotel I was staying at was called the Russell Hotel and had two bars, one more casual and one more formal. The casual bar had a fun live band that I could hear in my hotel room.

Today after a great brekkie, drove to Bondi Beach. Apparently they have a tv show like Bay Watch called Bondi Beach with a similar theme.

Lots of hiking on the shore. It looked like a fun surf place. People have been going to this beach for 200 years. This swimming pool on the beach was pretty cool with the waves crashing into it.

Similar beach scene as Manly Beach, lots of restaurants and shops. Cute beach back ground.

Back to the city and Darling Harbor and walking around the city.

Have to leave this amazing country tomorrow. Just a few more things to do. I will be back.

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