More Feb 13

After the car was exchanged, new car isn’t much better, the door handle fell off before the guy who delivered it even left….its Mexico, we just read and relaxed in the condo. Also got the news that my faucet in my bathroom was broken and would get fixed on Monday. Oh well.

After a little nap we decided to venture out. As usual I was checking out to local food scene. There was a place about 5 minutes away that had an amazing octopus dish. My mouth was watering already just from the photo on the website. It was about 5 miles to the South. So we got in the car and the GPS said go North. After a few minutes, I asked my Mom how much longer and she said 25 minutes. Hmm we had nothing else to do but that took us almost into Puerto Vallarta. Then it told us to take a left and then a right and I realized it wanted us to turn around. No easy task but I did and we were back on track. I knew that it was in a condo so when we pulled up to the destination, I was pretty sure we were in the right place. I asked the doorman before we got out of the car. Yup right place . No signs for the resto. A guard took our temp and gave us hand sanitizer. Another gave us a wrist band and took us to the elevator, down a long hall and finally to an empty restaurant overlooking a beautiful bay.

Margaritas were ordered. I asked for the menu but none came. Finally a hurried man came up and apologized that he was late. He was the chef! And then we were told no octopus, it was a special menus for Valentines Day. We thought about staying but decided to come back on Monday when Pablo promised to have the octopus for us!

Driving along we decided that we would stop at the OXXO and get something. Not much to choose from as it was a very basic gas station. Back in the car I made an executive decision and crossed the two lanes to a roadside restaurant. They were happy to see us and bragged about the best shrimp in the area! And it was very good!!

Best Margs so far!

So yummy! We took our leftovers and headed back to the condo to play some Rummicub and do Moms puzzle and read

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