Valentines Day

Today was my Dads birthday. He would have been 81. Today is my ex husbands birthday, the good ex! Valentines growing up weren’t always about me,

Thanks Covid

Even after I was divorced, Valentines wasn’t so special. It’s probably because birthday is the next day. Since I turned 50 I have spent my Birthdays far away, not because I am embarrassed by my age but because I want to truly celebrate. After a few years my friend noticed that I had been to a couple of continents during my birthday and wouldn’t it be cool to go to all seven continents in my 50’s. I have one left, Antarctica in 2022! Last year on Valentines Day I was in Melbourne at an Irish Pub. It was very busy and very loud. I saw a handsome Australian and ended up talking and dancing with him til late in the evening. We are still close today. Maybe after Covid we will meet again.

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