Later on Tuesday

After a, some may call it lazy day: me reading and bronzing, and Mom doing her puzzle and word games, we ventured out. The nearest store besides the OXXO was about ten minutes away in the Romantic Zone. It was a little different route than we had been taking. The streets were very narrow with very little in the way of signage. Soon they turned from pot holes to bumpy cobblestone. Most of the main area is cobblestone. Our gps led us to the tiny grocery store. They had the basics. I needed limes for my tequila and we needed drinking water. After our purchases we decided to drive around. It’s known to be a very gay area and, of course, that means great restaurants and galleries and shops. We decided that if we saw something and there was a parking spot that we would stop.

There was a wine tasting place so I asked a man outside if they had food and if we could park in the yellow area. He said that yes, they did have great food and wine and that the yellow on the curbs was just there because some official liked the color yellow. Upstairs was the restaurant and a gallery. We sat on a balcony looking down the street. There were many people for my mom to figure out their life. It was a pretty street lines with many colors of Bougainvilleas.

On the phone, fixing the phone

Mom had a martini and never hesitates to ask special favors, this time it was asking if they had blue cheese olives….nope, but then our cute waiter brought her three that he stuffed himself!

Mezcal Manhattan with Chocolate Bitters

It was more of a Tapas place so we had stuffed mushrooms, beef carpaccio, tuna sashimi and of course, we can never pass up calamari, but we should have.


We had some more drinks and then wandered the gallery. There were some shops across the street that were cute. Soon Montezuma was telling me it was time to go home. We played some more Rummicub, finally with me winning a few games. She is still ahead! Neither of us slept well but I finished a good book. it is great to be able to read books cover to cover. It is what I enjoy when I am on long flights and/or in airports for hours.

Gallery shots

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