So after a day of reading and thinking, can’t quite meditate, but I try. Maybe writing is my meditation.. especially in this peaceful place on the balcony, seeing and listening to the waves crash, hearing a tropical bird sing and being still.

In the moment right now

More reading today. Trying to alternate between work ready, self improvement and reading for pleasure. Most if the books I read for please are some sort of mystery, psychological thriller and very occasionally silly girl humor. I like books that sweep me away. I also like historical fiction and biographies. Shantaram is mostly a biography with history and politics. Some of his story must be fabricated like in “Million Little Pieces,” because how do you know what’s act happening when you are on heroin or crack? Finished rereading the book called, “Fish” which is a required book in my office right now. We used to be better about following the Fish Principles in the past, so I am vm regain that we will begin again. I find that in the business of dentistry, one must really listen to what the patient wants, I get that no one wants to have dentistry but for me it’s more important to do more things proactively for your teeth so that when you are older, that they are in your mouth, not in your bed stand or “Summer Teeth” like we used to joke around about…some are there and some are not. Another book I am reading is called, “The Magic of Thinking Big.” It was written in 1959! Ha before I was born. It’s about daring to believe that you can have what you want. Being persistent and creative. My children know that there is one song I hate the most in the world and it’s, “You can’t always get what you want.” By The Rolling Stones! I love the Stones and especially Mick Jagger, but I hate this song because it goes against so many of my core beliefs. If I hear this song, I must turn it off. So I know all of this stuff, but rereading keeps me motivated. I phrase from one book, a quiz from another. It just goes hand in hand with my strive for more vision, for always learning, ( because if you are not leaning, you are dumbing). I just want to be sure that I am living this life to my fullest potential. Years ago while waiting for an imminent cyclone, I said to my friend Megan, “I am good, I am happy with my life, I have no regrets.” And I feel that way, but I don’t want to stop living my best life ever. Like the saying goes, I want to slide into home plate, tattered and torn, using up every moment of my life. We obviously survived the category 5 Cyclone!

To the left
To the right
My only companion
The condo
The pool

Last night we made the third trip to the Mismaloya Grill down the street. We were there last Saturday but it was a fixed Valentines menu, stopped by Monday as Pablo the owner promised me some grilled octopus but they closed because the cook didn’t show up. Finally got the Pulpo/octopus and it was perfect!

I one had some of the best grilled octopus in Greece with a Sambuca reduction and pistachios. It still makes me drool. Mom had some wood fired pizza. Both were served on circular cuts of a tree trunk.

The view is amazing where we can watch locals bring their fishing boats in. The kids all play in the water and the sunsets are beautiful.The restaurant is perched on a cliff overlooking the Mismiloya cove


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