Another beautiful day! Sue and I decided to get some walking in. We walked all the way down the beach, stopping to admire the street art along the way.

I love all of the mosaics
So many bronzes on the Malacon
The boat to Yelapa, a family vacation spot a few years ago.

We stopped for a margarita and a little shopping and viewing the locals.

Sue and I spent a little time on the beach. The guard that works here brought chairs to us and made a little space for us. So nice to read and relax ten feet from the water. We ventured out in the neighborhood to find some food. The Cobb is a little rough in my Moms feet but we kept her going. Decided on a place upstairs but the service and the martinis were not up to par so we left. Of course they tried to charge us double but we knew the exchange rate and one that battle. Next stop was an awesome little place with great food and margaritas!!!

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  1. handhans says:

    gee another tequila sunset lovely


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