Tequila Tasting

We needed some more tequila and limes so I punched up liquor store. Lo and behold, just 5 miles away there was a liquor store. I hadn’t seen it. We took an unmarked right which quickly turned into a dirt road, of course filled with pot holes and deep ruts. Then cobblestone, which has its own concerns. Within minutes I to the jungle we saw a few structures. Which one was the liquor store. Signs in Mexico are so optional. Finally past some chicken coops and a few people staring us down, turned a corner and there was a tequila tasting tour! A very friendly Javier asked if we wanted to taste or tour or both! Of course, both. We learned where agave was grown and how it was roasted and distilled and then he pulled up a couple chairs and we tasted tequila!

We tried about ten tequilas!
Had a little lunch by the River

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  1. handhans says:

    lucky you girls werent tied to cactus plant lol


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