The Flight over…

It’s busy, everyone has masks on. The few days before the flight were nerve racking. Do I need to show the vax card and get a Covid test? Just some simple statements would have been helpful. I booked on Expedia but you had to fill out forms for each airline and upload your passport and vax card. But this could only be done 48 hours in advance. If you make a mistake, you star all over.

Thank goodness some of the bars and restaurants were open. They weren’t in earlier months and when they were open, so many rules..sat down to a lively conversation of two people, older American woman and a younger Kiwi. They were discussing her love life so loudly that I almost moved. The person next me and I giggled. When the woman left, he starts grilling me. After answering a few annoying questions, I told him I had to work on my blog. He stayed uncomfortably close. When I left I told the bartender thanks for now saving me!

On to the plane. I switched from a aisle to a window and had the whole row to my self. Tried to read, tried to watch a couple moves but just ate and went to sleep. Looks like our flight is arriving late…

Flying over the top of the world

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