With the Giauque Girls…

I need to find a new blog venue. This one has become so complicated.

My niece
My great nieces

My oldest nephew’s wife and their darling girls picked me up from the airport on Sunday. Not sure what to do so we headed to a winery for a little wine tasting and a snack. Such beautiful country side. It was a perfect, hot summer day. Then we drove to their house for a jet-lagged nap for me. They live in the country in a cute house, right next to a stable with lots of farm animals. A new donkey was born the next day and I think they named it Aunt Bobby, which is what they call me. My nephew Mark started calling me Bobby when he first started saying Mommy and Daddy, done 30 years ago.

The girls were excited to show me their cool loft room and dolls and stuffed animals. We ordered pizza and watched a movie. The girls are so sweet and loving. Jennie is a great Mom. I don’t know how military families do it. Mark, my nephew is in Oklahoma training for a couple of months.

On Sunday we slept in and then decided to see some caves nearby. Again beautiful scenery and hot weather. The caves felt good. The explanation of the mountain and the caves made the lush area all make sense. The rock is very porous and absorbs a lot of water. The caves were below the city of Asiago, as in the cheese.


After the caves we drove to the city where Grappa originated. We had some lunch and a very short tour the the Grappa museum with a grappa tasting. Most grappa that I have had is not to my liking but there two flavored grappas were good.

A church
Beautiful city

Later that day we went to the city of Vicenza. Jennie knows her way around quite well. It’s so hard to find parking, but she has the parking lots in her phone so that helped. We walked around a bit, had some Aperol Spritzers and Orangina soda for the girls. So fun the people watch and dog watch.

Wolves are legal here
Aperol Spritz

It was lovely to spend time with these three girls. And sad to leave on Monday.

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