Venice….my favorite city

Jennie and the girls graciously dropped me off at the train station. Ironically they were on the way to the dentist. I easily purchased a ticket to Venice. The trip was going to take about 45 minutes. I had brought some things for the girls so I was down to a back pack and a shopping bag. Rain was threatening and I knew that I would be walking so no roller bag over the bridges. It was hot!!

The route
Train Station
At the train station

I have been to Venice a few times so I thought I knew the way, but I got a little detoured, but landed at an Irish Pub. I was to meet the Airbnb person at three. Devils Forest Pub is an establishment! Internet for a map and Aperol Spritz to cool off. 

The bar

The best part of Venice is just wandering around and getting lost. There are way more tourists than residents. I met the guy a few minutes later and he took me to the apartment. It’s bright and spacious.

There is a restaurant below so the sounds and smells of the outdoor cafe can be heard. It’s nice.

The view

After settling in I went down the three stories, opened the door and stepped outside the building, into the alley and the host of the restaurant next door invited me in for a Prosecco. He was so friendly that I accepted. I was busy reading as I do and someone else asked if I wanted another glass. He was the manager. Neither spoke much English, but tried. I tried to. I have studied a little Italian over the years but I always revert back to Spanish. We had a few laughs. I was on my way to explore!

I love this square. St Marks

St. Mark’s Basilica

I meandered around a bit, found a quiet outdoor restaurant next to the canal and had a quick drink in the rain and more reading. Beautiful views.

Simple beauty!

So I go back to my room for a quick shower and when I come down to go to dinner , my new friends invite back in the restaurant. Restaurante Centrale Pizzeria. Micky, the manager wanted to take me to dinner but I refused, but I let him buy me dinner at the bar. Amazing spaghetti con vongole, more Prosecco and a white and finally some limoncello. And the bread! Yummy


Said arrivederchi to my new friends and went upstairs.

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