It sounds like the house’s were assigned colors in the past, but now the residents are free to chose what color to paint their house.

Another leaning tower

Morning coffee.

I could touch the menu but I had to wear gloves. They looked used!

This island is known for lace making. I did not go to Murano to see the glass. Back to Venice. I was now starving. Just happened upon the restaurant, best dish so far. It was filled with male laborers. They ate a lot and drank a lot.

I saved room for the zucchini flowers that were down the street. The restaurant didn’t open until 12:30. They were delicious. Osteria Olivia Nera.

Reservations tonight for The Local. It looks fabulous!


  1. George says:

    Those zucchini flowers 😍


  2. Grace says:

    Pretty houses!!


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