The Local

Apertivo by the canal with a gin and tonic 4 cicchetti’s. These are meant so you don’t starve in between meals and to avoid drinking on an empty stomach, love the presentation. On shells and on pine needles.

Boiled baby potatoes with anchovy sauce. Cannoli with creamed cod . Rice crackers with a fruity compote, birds nest with lemony sauce and smoked oyster

Tomato Ice Tea! Wow!!!
Wasabi and watermelon
Holy Mackerel! So tasty!!

Baked heirloom tomato

Unbelievable pasta with corriender

Best chicken ever with coconut sauce

And dessert!

Marshmallow, apricot and pistachio’s, some gel and grappa truffle.

What an amazing dinner and wine pairings. The wine selections were fantastic. Loved everything. I think I have done Venice right!

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