It’s late on the Airplane.

I should be sleeping but I can’t. Had some red wine a couple nibbles of Ambien. I watched the movie, “The Pig,” staring Nick Cage. Powerful I will need to see it again. Very interesting. Read a few books. One is interesting called, “People we meet on vacation.” I have others too.

Natalie is on this trip and I think she will have very open eyes in Kenya. She has been to Marrakech, but I think Nairobi will be like Kampala, Uganda was to me in 2002. Busy, crowded, scary, hot, dry.

My son George and his beautiful girlfriend, Grace are in Mexico, right now. lol They planned a great backpacking trip to Patagonia but a Covid wrecked that. They flew into Mexico City, stayed a night and then headed to Chiapas. Looks amazing. They will go to Holbox too. Looks cool. So when I can’t sleep, I read or watch a movie, now Anthony Bourdains story. I liked him. I watched a cooking show earlier and was moved to tears because this female chef was going to donate her winnings to the Lebanon giant blast. It happened after I left. So sad

I really need to resurrect my Middle East trip on the blog. They had too many barriers to post it on Word press

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