Safe travels , some confusion but all in all easy Arrival in Kenya

We were happy to sit together on the long flights. Food wasn’t so great. Slept in between books and movies. Dreamliner on the last leg. After we got off the plane we had to show the QR code and some lined had their temperature taken. Then the usual passport checks. Long lines, typical people shoving and bing for a better position. Eventually we made it through and as we walked out of the terminal, a sense of sadness and fear overtook me. As we searched for our names, in the crowds, I will never not remember seeing two signs with my name on each of them held by two different men. When I chose one he told me that my father had expired. I thought that he was lying, but he wasn’t.

Janet found us immediately. She guessed but we fit the mother/daughter duo. She introduced us to the President of her Rotary Club. He had just come from a western Kenyan Rotary meeting. He came to great us and we will see him later.

Janet drove us to her beautiful home about 20 minutes away. She is from Jamaica and has also lived in Canada. She and her husband have two children. We ate a delicious snack about midnight, of Spicy chicken and rice with a salad and some carmodan tea with milk. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom. Time to sleep.

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