Sunday in Nairobi

It’s a beautiful day in Nairobi. I slept well. Ready to begin. We will have breakfast then go to the Giraffe Center. Can’t wait to take pictures for my Mother

The Giraffe Center is pretty much in our host, Janet’s backyard. We each received a half coconut filled with pellets to feed the giraffes. So much fun!!

I was nearly head butted, licked and one bit me! The babies were adorable.

Next stop Karen Blixen museum. The stone house was used in the movie.

Coffee tree
Old wagon

Nairobi to this house used to take 6 hours by cart, now 25 minutes. Getting to Mombasa took two days by trains, not an hour fight on a small plane.

Coffee roaster with Hyrax

We had time to stop for a beer before our working lunch

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