Today Porto to Lisbon

I woke up at 3 AM, read for a bit and back to sleep. It was a super foggy, chilly morning. Now the clouds are burning off.

This city is very hilly and pretty much all cobblestone so pulling a roller bag is out of the question. Luckily I travel light. Just a backpack and small roller bag that I can carry when needed. A few more espressos and I will attempt to call an Uber to get to the train station. The train to Lisbon is about three hours.

Someone asked if I had some port yesterday, yes I did and it was perfect. I wanted to buy a bottle but not for sale.

I am reading a great book today, titled, “The Last Rose in Shanghai.” A fascinating historical fiction about Jewish refugees in Shanghai. Wow not much is written about this time in WW2. It makes me think of the atrocities in Ukraine. I emailed a woman I met through a purchase of a handmade shawl that I bought last October. She is living in this hell. I have sent her a little money, that she actually received. I have promised to visit her when I can. She and her husband are staying in their apartment and fighting back. She is on the northeastern border. Her children are safely somewhere else. What a life I have! Makes me feel very grateful.

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