Cross cultural moment

I am on the train from Porto to Lisbon and having a cross cultural moment where two people from different cultures laugh together.

I love when this happens! Half way through my trip on the train, a man basically says that I am in his seat. He shows me his ticket, I show him mine. I am at the window and in his seat. I attempt to change places and he’s say no stay there, then he takes my ticket and puts it into his pocket. I try to tel him that it’s my ticket and then I just let it go. A few minutes later he pulls the ticket out and says that it’s my ticket. We both laugh!

Another CCM was in Luang Pagam in Lao. I was in a taxi and a man walks in front of the taxi in only a loin cloth carrying a speak. The driver and I both cracked up. The man looked pretty stupid.

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