Sunday in Siena

Espresso for breakfast and then off to explore. We stopped first at a favorite butcher shop for sandwiches. The owner is a little grumpy like the soup nazi.

Then on to another favorite place, the balcony that overlooks The Campo!

Jenny and Mark
Sandwiches and pizza in the ever moving shade

Next we went to the Duomo. I have never seen it so crowded.

Back to the flat for a nap . On the way we picked our favorite contrada. There are 17. Only 10 will be in the race.

More bedroom pics


  1. George says:

    I remember that bar overlooking the square (half circle?)! Tell Mark, Jenny, Harper and Mia hi from me! Excited to see videos of the races


    1. drpopp says:

      Yes a fun place. We will watch the race from here!!


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