Time flies when you are having fun.

My nephew and family picked me up at the airport and we drove to the gorgeous hill top town of Siena. We were lucky to find parking pretty easily outside the walls of the city. Our flat was easily located. How did we get around without cell phones and GPS?

My bedroom

It’s a beautiful flat in an old cathedral. Two bedrooms and very spacious. The kitchen is nice for breakfasts.


The flat is near the main Duomo, or church. It is my favorite interior of any church I have been inside. No air conditioning in the flat but it was comfortable with fans. That evening we walked around. The city is very walkable and just delivery vehicles are allowed inside. Everyone is getting ready for the Il Palio. The campo has the track filled in with dirt. We found a place to eat dinner, stopped off for a few drinks on the way back to the flat and then to bed.

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