In Flight

The flight from Dallas to Tokyo was to be 13.5 hours. I have flown many long flights but this one seemed to take so long. I have no idea why. It was daylight almost the whole way, we were chasing the sunset. During the flight we started planning the trip. Both of us have been so busy that we haven’t had the time to do much planning. We asked friends about their highlights in Vietnam, we checked out blogs too.

The views of Texas, Colorado, Idaho were beautiful and the clouds were ever changing. We had some wine, watched movies, read and talked. We laughed together at the dinner combo, weird chicken, smoked salmon with potato salad, julienned root vegetables and inedible fish jello in soba noodles, that was so bad that I had to scrape it out of my mouth with my chop sticks. The ice cream led to a discussion of Gilles, frozen custard, yes David, it’s the best ever!!! David is Julie’s bionic husband.

The bathrooms on the plane has interesting settings…. A bidet with shower and bath options and drying, while seated on the throne. I remember the same type of toilet in Seoul, Korea. I was afraid to try it, especially since it had mood lights in the toilet too. So I was brave and tried the toilet features. Interesting to say the least.

The flight arrived on time at about 6 pm in Hanada airport near Tokyo. The plan was that we would take the train from the airport to the city center, Shibuya, or Times Square of NYC. We filled out the forms and deplaned. When we arrived near customs, they asked for the downloaded items for MySOS and cocoa, we showed them our vaccination card and they pointed us to the right. Most likely, due to Covid we couldn’t leave the airport. So we had until 1:25 AM to occupy our time. And it was about 2AM our time. We were in the International terminal on a Saturday night. There were very few people around. We found a sort of food court and had some drinks. There we did some more planning and we felt very overwhelmed with all that we wanted to do. A plan was shaping but by 8 pm, neither of us could stay awake. We found some seats, suitable for sleeping on and slept for a couple hours. More planning and sleeping until 1AM and then we boarded the next 5.5 hour flight. We will land at 5:30AM to start our first day in Vietnam! And btw, the toilets had all the bidet feature plus music while you used the toilets.

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