Day 1 Ho Chi Minh City

We deplaned making our way to Passport control. Julie went first. I had some concerns about whether what we had was correct. We discussed crying in demand if we needed to. The guy looking at her passport was asking for something else, but he couldn’t figure out the English. He called someone else to help and we gave him the second visa. It seemed to be what he wanted. The two hour expedited visa arrived on day 6. I had already applied for a different one for her. I only had one visa so it was easy. No checked bags so we were in!!

First taxi driver wanted three times what we wanted to pay so we got an iced coffee. Next guy had a meter. He started driving strangely at first but now I think he was trying to figure out how to ask us for toll money. We didn’t have anything that small so he paid it. We knew it was going to take 30+ minutes to get to the hotel. Driving was crazy, even on a Sunday early morning. We finally got to the hotel. We knew that it could be a “by the hour” place but had decided to at least have a place to drop our bags. The Hanz Friday hotel had a sign but no door that we could see. We walked down the street a bit and found a better place. It seemed expensive for the location, but we paid it. The room was ok, but we both decided that we wanted to stay elsewhere. After we booked flights for the next day we booked another hotel.

Why can’t toilet seats fit?
The hotel lobby
Front of the hotel

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