More Day One

After a few beers in the sampler, they got warm so fast, we decided that the Jade Pagoda was close enough to walk to. We were wrong, but again an interesting walk. We crossed streets like natives, saw where they sold everything for home construction like all the bathroom fixtures, then all the light fixtures. We are all those stores next to each other. Just like so many other countries

Our GPS barely worked but we kept on the route. It was fun stopping by where all the fish were sold, the pet kind, not the sushi ones.

And flower shops

We kept in to the Jade Pagoda. But couldn’t find it. We almost gave up until I asked a random man where it was, by showing it to him on a map. He pointed behind him and sure enough, in the middle of the block there was the Jade Pagoda.

New boyfriend!
Beautiful gardens

It was very interesting, so many people praying, but with so many statures, how do you know who or what to pray to.

We both have the same attention span for museums and churches because after awhile, they all blend together!

Time to hail a cab again. We tried to ask the driver if he could wait and take us to our new hotel. He just said No. we realized he just didn’t understand. We packed our things, agreed that the room was a great place to drop our bags, freshen up but not a place to stay over night. The neighborhood was a little sketchy.

New hotel, wow, bell boys who took our backpacks! And afternoon tea! Our room was ready in a few min.

A room with no windows, good enough!

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