So much to do

We enjoyed our new hotel, third one booked for the night. We had so much more to do that we had to make a list

The plan was First stop, War Remnant Museum, the Glow Sky Bar, the Night Market and district 4 for the food stalls and lastly the pool. And in the morning, a coffee place and back to the post office to mail postcards. Well it sort of worked out like that.

I have to add the pictures at the end because we are in a taxi now.

The War Remnant Museum was pretty disturbing.

Defiant by Alvin Townley is the book I am reading about the POWs that survived the Hanoi Hilton. So the book and the Museum differed greatly in opinion. As an American and hearing from a POW firsthand of his expert at the infamous prison, it was hard to read what the museum was projecting. I am sure there is truth and secrets on both sides. Most disturbing were the photos of deformities caused by the chemical warfare.

So on to the sky Bar. We sort of knew the location but the internet was vague about its opening times, it’s name and the actual location. We stopped into a hotel and asked. A nice lady pointed it out to us. Just past the night market so we walked through that first. It was busy and overwhelming. We bought foldable backpacks. One one I have been using for 22 years is falling apart. I haven’t parted with it yet, but the new one is good. My old one was from a travel/surf friend from Coronado, Cheryl Woodhouse. She is traveling right now, I think in France on a barge.

We found the Sky Bar, now called the Glow Bar. It was 5:45 and didn’t open until 6 said the skinny, high heeled girl. Well the views did not disappoint. It was a great view, 360 degrees and a lightening show added to the ambiance. No need to stay for the light show and or disco so we decided to hit an Irish Pub that was nearby. Maybe we could watch the Green Bay Packers play. No such luck. Walked back and forth and then gave up. We realized the best way to get a taxi was to go into a hotel and ask them to get one.

We have the taxi driver the address and it seemed that he gave up and dropped us off a some random restaurant. Again no English but we learned a few words. We ordered a beer, some fish and oysters. It was ok. Loved the salt infused with lemon and chili. They called us a taxi and home for a quick swim. Cool pool with a warm side and a cool side. We passed out. What a long first day.

Random restaurant
Portable AC
The yummy salt

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