Day 2

Wonderful breakfast with our first Pho. Julie had beef, I had seafood. Mine was a delicious lemongrass base with two pieces of fish and two shrimp. We added all the condiments, like dried shrimp, green onions, salted peanuts, pickled eggplant, seaweed. We tried a few other things, some good, some not.


Back to the post office and taxi to the airport. Destination Da Nang. Booked a hotel for one night in Hoi An. We originally planned on three days but glad we didn’t because of the weather. We arrived at the airport. My email is not sending mail so we didn’t have tickets or boarding passes. Got in lin anyway, fighting the pushy people. At the front they wanted the boarding passes. We just smiled and waited, they found our tickets and we checked our backpacks and made our way to the gate, stopping off for a Tiger beer.

Uneventful flight and taxi from the hotel to the beachfront loft. It looked great on the website but now it was ugly and gray. We had the welcome drink of pineapple juice and got into the room. Looked like rain for the next week so we booked a flight out the next day to Holong Bay. Plans change quickly!

Cute Flight attendant attire, Megan
Fun at the airport

We called for a taxi and went to the ancient section. It was dark and wet and flooded in areas, but we pressed on and looked at the dress shops. So many tailors. Yup we got measured for dresses to be delivered the next morning. Walked around a bit and found the restaurant that the tailor, named Pink, sent us to. We needed to have some “white roses” which were wantons and some spring rolls. All was great but then it began to rain. A lot. By the time we left the streets were flooded.

White roses
Before the flash flood

We asked for the restaurant to call a taxi. It was difficult and we were told to go up to the corner and to the right. We wondered if we were at the right spot and what we would do if no one came. But our knight arrived and drove us back to our hotel. We had bought a bottle of wine. It was balmy and rainy and then about 8 Australian golfers showed up and we had fun discussing the world. Off to bed, exhausted again

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