Halong Bay 2

Typical tour stuff, gather up, well first they had to find us at the restaurant. We are used to that. We had our names called over the loud speaker at O’Hare years ago when we were busy catching up with a cocktail on the way to South Africa! So they had us have our second drink as a take away. Small bus to the dock, gather, wait, get in small boat, wait gather, get on bigger boat, sit down, get information….. finally to our “state room”

Unpacked a little still unsure if we are two nights on the boat or one night here and one night at a bungalow. We thought the first day was hiking and biking but now it’s swimming and kayaking today. Aapparently the weather is better today than it will be tomorrow.

Swimming after a little cruising. Fun to jump off the top deck. The water is perfect for swimming, very salty. After swimming time to Kayak. Sit ons that were not comfortable at all brought a beer and cameras. Went through three caves, one with bats. They provided headlamps. Seemed a little Disney, waiting for a cliff or a pirate to come out. The lagoons were serene, except for the trash. We saw some monkeys too.

Prawns for George

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  1. George Bailey says:

    Prawns 🤮🤮🤮


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