Halong Bay

The minibus picked us up almost on time. The drive was almost two hours. It was clear that there were other tourists on the bus but also some locals who were dropped off and picked up at random spots. Money was exchanged too. Who knows. We reached a ferry and we’re parked next to a truck load of fat pigs, but they were so cute. Lots of windy roads on Cat Ba Island. The taxi dropped us at the agency, we paid and then went off for money and food.

The city of Cat Ba is small, lots of seafood restaurants and tour companies. One ATM in town. Chose the Big Man Restaurant and has a passion fruit mojito. We ordered Pho and pork Skewers and king mushrooms deep fried. The cute server came up after we got the mojito and admitted that there was no alcohol in it! We didn’t even notice! The skewers came with translucent paper. It was rice paper to wrap around the pork with lettuce and dip in the sauce.

Pork skewer with lettuce and rice paper
Passion fruit Mojito

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