Accomplished a Bucket/Lust list item today! Somewhere I read that one should endeavor to mindfully walk around Hoan Kiem lake. It is in the center of Hanoi. Julie and I talked about it and we talked about being Mind-full vs Mindless. We decided that we would each go in the opposite direction around the lake. One of us would be Mind-full and the other Mindless and at the midpoint we would high-five and switch. There happens to be a Marathon today! Being mind-full to me meant observing with all 5 senses, and Mindless meant trying to keep any thoughts out of my head. It was interesting.

Entrance to the Island
Pagoda in the center
Fond du Lac
Island in the center

Now we are at a cute coffee shop called The Note Coffee. There are sticky notes everywhere and you get a message on your coffee and leave messages

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