Caves of Cat Ba yesterday

After we left the fancy hotel we went on a little private tour. As we checked out, they said wait 5 minutes so we can check your room. For what? They treated us poorly because we were back packers. We think. Well we took their electric golf cart ride to the private tour and yes, we did take the cute robes!

The first cave

We walked to the Entrance and it was closed. Started to walk back and a woman popped out of the field and ran to open the office to take our 60 cents. She turned on the lights and then escorted us to the caves. Nothing too exciting to me and very hot.

Cave two

Another long walk to the entrance. If they caves hid people during the war, how did they get into them? This cave was more interesting.

Third cave. Most interesting. It was a hospital for the Northern Vietnamese. Again, how did they get the injured to the top. The entrances were bolted shut to keep it intruders and probably light.

The view
Look closely at the third patient
Supposed to be Green Valley, today Green Lake

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