Yesterday Sept 16th, 2022, part two

After the coffee shop we stopped in to our hotel for their breakfast. It’s fun to try all

Of the interesting new items. Their California rolls not good, fruit good. All the buffets have liver pate. Julie had son aromatic Pho and we liked the gingered dates.

Next stop Ho Lao Prison. I knew that most of it had been demolished but I still wanted to go. To pt my respects as a proud American. Most of the museum was about the French enslaving and imprisoning the Vietnamese. The very end had a small room with a video showing how the Americans bombed innocent children and schools. They showed Americans playing ping pong ball and celebrating Christmas. They did not mention how they severely tortured our men, The sickening details are in many books. I realize that they have their side of the story but I have met one of these tortured victims

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