More more pics

Home stay bedroom

We had a choice of a homestay or actually in someone’s house. Homestay is a separate room, cleaner but you still share the bathroom. The floor was clean not sure about the sheets. They didn’t stink. We slept well but that could have been exhaustion too.

Julie and Ching returned from another couple hours of trekking and the preparation for dinner. We made spring rolls and Panko fried chicken, buffalo and veggies, and some other stuff. So much food and of course everyone was in the tiny , sweltering kitchen, even the dog and cat.

Dog in the trash
Chong’s cute baby “V”
Spring rolls
Rice wine
Front yard
Side yard

Time for bed. I wasn’t sure if I could trek the next day. Uneventful day until the rooster started crowing right outside our room.

Morning view
Peaceful movement for Julie

Pancakes with bananas and honey

Work out room
Our hostess Ma
The mirror
Julie and Ching heading off for another 2-3 hour trek.
The view
Back to Sa Pa

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