The infamous BBQ
Train cabin for two or four.
Coffee in Sa Pa with condensed sweetened milk
Original moms with babies taking people trekking
My favorite picture of the trip
You can’t tell how steep and narrow the path is, trust me, no slipping here
But this is where my knee started to hurt
Home cooked lunch here
Rice dries for a day if it’s sunny
View from the homestay. I arrived on motorbike. I couldn’t walk anymore

I slipped at one point and my leg went out laterally and I jammed my wrist. Didn’t seem like an issues but another hour and a half of trekking, it got my attention. I was able to have a motorbike take me to the homestay while Julie trekked more. Lunch was made for us by a local woman, the ride on the motorbike was pretty scary. The path narrow and sometimes wet and rocky. I just kept looking forward through the uphills and downhills. The helmet would have done nothing for me if we went over the edge.

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  1. George says:

    BBQ looks like it was worth it though!


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