Ushuaia, the end of the world!Fin Del Mundo

We are at the southern most tip of the Americas. It’s a beautiful town, filled with shops to buy outdoor gear, restaurants, gift shops and ice cream parlors.


We got a taxi to the hotel, exchanged money at a great rate 360 vs 190! Walked a bit tried to get on a train to the actual End of the World but rented a car instead and drove to the National Park. Saw wildish horse on the way there and back. Hiked a bit, Found a grocery store for wine and beer and champagne for my upcoming birthday. Shhh it’s a secret! Then had a beer and empanada. Back to the very basic hotel, Hotel Monaco. A little R and R.

Fav view
Big bumble bee
Moss and texture

We laughed when we saw several very serious people with very large cameras. Peter stepped on a stick and scared the bird away.

Loving the clarity
Blocking the path
Wait for it!
Painting I liked
Store called Poppers
And an Irish Pub

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