La Tierra Del Fuego

Magellan called this area the “Land of Fires” because of all the fires here lit by the native people,probably because it was cold.

Headed to the glaciers

Breakfast was disappointing as we guessed, weak coffee, fake OJ, fake cheese and fake ham. We went to get the car and stopped off at a coffee shop for some to go Joe. Took the luggage to the check point and decided to check out the glaciers. Winding roads and lots of wind and beautiful views. It was not an hour and a half drive.

Hiked up a bit then had a beer at the chalet. It was a former skiing place but no longer.

Walking sticks to borrow, Julie
For Ricky!

So probably not too much posting when we get on the boat. We get on the boat around 5 pm and it leaves at 6pm. First two days at sea crossing the Drake. Might have some weather! So excited!

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