Last day

I feel so grateful to have taken this trip. Yes a bucket list item, a dream come true, an accomplishment. And I feel so fortunate that I spent it with my brother. At first, the thought of spending nearly 18 days together was kind of scary. Last year we spent 10 days together. But we had fun, enjoying so many laughs, and reminiscing about our childhood, and adulthood for that matter. Life is short and I am lucky to have a brother that I can travel with. Who knows what is next.

After the San Telmo Market, I took a. Taxi to the Evita Museum. It’s amazing that she was so loved and so hated by many. She has always inspired me, especially when life was difficult. She rose from an unwanted child to a famous First Lady.

Metal work

Now just enjoying a little Rose and hummus and reading The FiveAM Club for my office book club.

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