Newark second time this year

Natalie and I were here in March but at the A terminal which is really nice and new and it’s looked like food shopping. I am in the C terminal. They have a lot of restaurants but they are all so automated. There is no “hello, how are you”. No eye contact and super slow service. I am trying not to let it get to me.

San Diego airport was much friendlier. At the bar, yes that is how you start a vacation….


At the bar we talked about the Padres, weather in Minnesota, had my sparkling wine and a couple bites of BBQ. I had about 20 min. Flight to Newark was uneventful. Reading a book that my facialist recommended called “Signs, The secret language of the Universe”. It is very interesting about communicating with those that have passed away.

So just wasting about four hours in the airport until my flight leaves for Madrid! I was last in Madrid when I was 15 or 16. I was on some kind of exchange. My Spanish teacher at the Catholic high school announced that her students in Spanish 3 could go on this trip. She was a German woman whose second language was English and third was Spanish. She was awful. So was I. I was a year younger than the other nine students but I tentatively raised my hand. She just sneered at me!! So I begged for money to get to go! It was almost a month long trip. So I went, we stayed in dorms and hotels and a few days with a family. The family was very poor. They were very nice to me but there wasn’t much food. I had to go to a convenience store to get food. More later

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