It’s a feeding frenzy

Madrid is incredible, I arrived at 9AM and now it’s 10:30 PM. What a day! Tried to get annUber but I was confused and poor communication so I took a way overpriced taxi. He was pleasant enough and arrived to my hotel. Too early. Hotel people were kind, and let me keep my luggage here. Went out walking. It was a semi cloudy day, cool when the clouds were out and warm when the sun was out. Stopped by the local market, like Liberty Station in San Diego on steroids. Tried some new stuff, Cod.

Wrapped in cheese!
My street
Tiny hotel
Built in 13 th century!!

Next a long nap , the to the Dali and Picasso museum. Tried to go to the Royal Palace, but decided not to.

Afternoon Sangria and shopping

Having some phone charging issues. He tried to get a Uber but couldn’t connect so I walked back to the hotel. No GPS. Yay!! My street is full of tapas and bars. Had some Foie Gras and eggplant

I need to try the Iberian ham
Special of the house
And an Irish Pub!!

A fantastic first day in Spain!! Time to sleep!

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