A Beautiful Morning

I woke up pretty early. I made some plans and reservations for the next few days I had tickets for noon at the famous Prado museum. It was closed when I was last in Madrid in the 70’s. I wanted to see the Gardens next to the Prado too.

I took a lot of flower pictures. One of the indoor structures was built in the mid 1600’s. It was heated back then by letting manure ferment. I especially liked the epiphyillims since I have so many blooming right now while I was gone.

The Prado did not disappoint. It is huge. 1600 works of art, 4 or 5 by women. I saw El Grecos, Rubens, Goyas and even one Rembrandt. An hour was enough

Next stop a wine bar that my great friends the Sandke’s had just been to. The want me to look up their friend Marco. I found it easily enough. Had a nice Rose but it got hot and crowded. I walked back to my neighborhood dodging marathon runners but the blocked off streets were great. Passed the Plaza Del Sol and stopped for a couple tapas at St Miguel Mercado. I wanted to taste the mozzarella tapas. They were like tortilla wraps. They were pretty good. Back at the hotel I had a quick nap.

Now off to my first Bullfight. I was supposed to go in high school but

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  1. George Bailey says:

    Love the flower photos!!


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