The Long Awaited Bullfight

I was pretty excited to see my first Bullfight. I live so close to Mexico and I might have been able to see one there. They have two rings but it isn’t so popular now. I decided to take the Metro since there were so many streets closed. It was easy.

Forgot the food photos at the market
Not Liberty Station

So I arrived at the Bullring. It was right beside the Metro. My ticket worked. I was 45 minutes early. A few people were there. You could rent a cushion for 1.50 euros and I went to my seats. Great location. When I bought them the choices were by cost and sun, shade or both. I had chosen shade, which was wise

The people near me were also virgins. A couple from Lebanon and a couple from Seattle and a woman from New Mexico. We all had drinks and chatted a bit. We watched a man in the ring spraying the sand with water and then another one using a chalk machine to draw two circles. No idea what that meant

It started exacting at 6 with a band and procession

The fight started with men with pink and yellow sides of the typical fabric, taunting the bull. The bulls charges and the men hid behind a wooden wall in the ring. This went on for a few min. Then two heavily protected horses with men on them with shoes covered with metal came out. They were the picadillos. They stab the bull in the back. Next three men put more sharp things in the bulls back and he starts to bleed and get madder, Finally the main guy comes out with a red scarf, taunts the bull and tries to stab him with a long sword. It sort of kills him as he falls to the ground. Then another man comes and stabs and grinds him in the back til he dies. All clap and three hoses drag his dead body away. No shit! So I sat through another one, and then I left. As I was walking down the stairs to leave, I have to wait because the dead bull is being dragged in front of me. I have tears in my eyes writing this. I can’t believe a sport like this exists. There were others that left too. A few more videos in the next post.

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