The hotel

The hotel was on the water near a famous beach. If it was high season, it would have been busy. I took a taxi to the old part of town, near the marina. The building were mostly white and very old. I did some shopping and tried to find a not so touristy place to eat, read and have drink. They all seem to serve the same things. I decided on one with a Marina view. Had some scallops and wine. Surprisingly good.

Cool tree next to me
The color of the water
Exhibit on the bay. Trees in Namibia
Sunset at my hotel
The sky…
Octopus and veggies

Took a taxi back to the hotel. Went next door to a lively place with cute gay bartenders, called Mitch’s. Amazing veggies, cooked perfectly.


  1. George says:

    These pictures remind me of Zadar and Dubrovnik!


  2. Wayne Strickland says:

    Beautiful view from your hotel with great sunsets. I only had octopus once and it was okay, but not a big fan.


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