Another place I have wanted to visit. Back to the airport, after a Buffet breakfast. Short 55 min fight. Sometimes you are charged extra for luggage, sometimes not. It seems better to gamble on not paying upfront for it. Long taxi to the next hotel. It’s very modern and just finished. It is two five story buildings bridged together by an infinity pool and deck on the fifth floor, over looking the beautiful sea. Quite stunning. I went up to get in the sun and grab a bite. I chose some sling chairs. As I sat down, the chair was a bit rickety and then it broke! Embarrassed, I got up, put it to the side and grabbed a different one. The bartender actually came over to see if I was ok. Ugg. Had a Mai Tai and some perfectly cooked shrimp in a ginger garlic sauce.

Top left chair no good

Time to check out the beach. This is turning into the ultimate one and done trip. Tomorrow to Barcelona!!


  1. George says:

    Grace and I loved Mallorca…. but probably wouldn’t go back. 1-2 days was plenty for us 🙂


  2. Wayne Strickland says:

    That infinity pool looks amazing, but the sling chair breaking was not good.


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