More Mallorca and a mistake

The beach and coastline were beautiful. I can’t imagine what it would be like in season. I bought a few items than chose a beachfront restaurant for a Aperol and a snack and more reading. The locals were out and seemed a desperate crowd. I didn’t like the feel of it. I did dip a toe in the Balearic Sea. It was freezing. I was hungry for pizza so I looked up best Pizza near me. Top choice was Pizza Hut. No thank you. But I did see an interesting group of restaurants near by that looked interesting, including a craft cocktail place. Just a few blocks away. So I walked over. It was about 7:30. No one was there and it was loud. It looked like they were expecting a crowd but I left. Stopped in a few stores and bought some long pants. I only brought one pair of white pants. I didn’t feel like going to a bar so I bought a bottle of cheap sparking wine at the quick market and read outside on my balcony watching the sun set. The upstairs pool design was smart, it had chairs facing East and West. It gets chilly without the sun.


I am reading some great books. This is one of them

The Gin and Tonic I hoped to find
And a pizza
Hotel at night
Instead of the make up the room sign on the hotel door
Hotel mural
Hotel Rhino

So for the mistake…. Woke up about two hours before my alarm. No big deal, just did some reading. Made sure that I could get a taxi by calling the front desk. No Uber here. Fast trip to the airport. Easily found my check in area, checked my bag and headed to security. I needed some coffee. They don’t have coffee machines in the rooms in Spain, or at least not the ones I am staying in. As I got to security, my ticket code did not work. A man looked at my ticket and said, “Tomorrow.” Shit. Went back to the checkin area. No I can’t buy a new ticket. She made me follow her. I had to wait for them to find my luggage and I bought a ticket the earliest that I could for today. My original flight was at 8 am. Now it was 1:30pm. Ugg. How would I spend that time? I looked around, Julie and I bought tickets in Vietnam at the airport, why not here. It was 6:30am and nothing was open. I tried one place but they didn’t sell tickets, but luckily the next one did. $100 later I was on a flight at 10:15. Not sure how I chose the wrong day, but the original flight was $25. Need to check the rest of my notes and flights for correct times. Off to Barcelona!


  1. George Bailey says:

    Better to happen in Mallorca than Malawi!!


  2. Wayne Strickland says:

    Your travels are amazing and the pictures are outstanding.👏🤗
    I’m so glad you shared this site with me, so I can travel vicariously with you. I’m trying to get Natalie to sail tonight on Wayne’s World for beer cans race. Thank you & stay safe my friend.🤗


  3. Wayne Strickland says:

    That hotel mural is a beautiful and so are all your pictures you’re sharing.


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