My flight goof up only cost me two hours and $100 bucks. My sweet son reminded me of another flight that I made for the wrong day in Malawi. It all works out. Taxi to the hotel. It was so hard to chose where to stay. Barcelona is very anti Airbnb so I wanted a hotel on or close to the Ramblas Street. It’s a busy street that has so many tourists, outdoor cafes, bars etc. It is very lively to use my friend Megan’s word. My room was ready. It was very clean and very tiny and very small and the bleach smell was over powering. There was a little coffee area was kind of stupid. And no coffee.

Cemetery along the way
This is $200 a night!
Coffee no coffee

I dropped my stuff and walked across the street to the famous Boqueria Market. As expected it was crowded. Locals get their produce, fish and meat here. Tourist gawk and eat at the little cafes inside. I couldn’t find a spot I like so I sat just outside the market looking into it. I picked a spot because of the accordion man. The food here was really bad. Had a little wine and it was nap time.

Boqueria Market
Ram las Street

Quick two hour nap then time to explore. I was vaguely looking for a boot shop. But stopped off at the bar at my hotel. Wolf Lounge.

Balcony of the bar
I have taken this picture on a previous trip
My hotel
A vending machine in the church!

I love churches. This was not super beautiful but this vending machine was funny. You could buy matches, candles , mugs, water bottles and water. Is this what the world is coming to?!?

I just meandered along, window shopping, looking for the boot store, hurrying when it seemed like a shady area. Sometimes I ended up going in a circle. This plaza was so pretty

A bridge in the gothic area

Time to eat something. I decide on a vegan place. Ordered eggplant and burrata. It was so yummy

Salsa matchaish with honey
Been here before
Here he is again

Back at the hotel, the bar was full. There was a great singer, but I was so tired. It was close to midnight so I went to bed.

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  1. Wayne Strickland says:

    Did you get the boots you were looking for?
    What is your/our friend Megan’s word? 😅
    That is one weird gargoyle/dragon with the umbrella ….strange art sculpture.


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