Twelve Hours later I woke up

Yup I was tired. It was 11:45 AM when I looked at my watch. Plan for the day Picasso museum and La Sacrada Familia. It was a 30 min walk per gps. No line so I went in. Picasso is someone I need to learn more about. So confusing. In my own nutshell, it seems he studied the masters, liked nudes and still life’s and then went crazy, maybe a disease of the eyes and saw prisms.

From yesterday while wandering. He is telling people not to clap along, just like Adam Sandler on SNL
Just a little something in front of a bank
More Picasso, his studio?
Foie gras ravioli
Picasso drawings
Old wall of Barcelona
City street

Lunch was good now off to find Sacrada Familia. I tried to see this years ago but the line was hours. I have a ticket today!

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  1. Wayne Strickland says:

    The littered thing with big teeth in front of the bank is perfect for you to see 😅


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