More Barcelona

Sagrada Familia. This church was started in the late 1800’s by Antoni Gaudi. It is still being built and it is expe to be finished 100 years after Gaudis death in 1926. He was hit by. A street car. It’s incredible inside and out. The last time I was here the line was hours long so I bought a ticket on line. Here are some photos.

His other works
And another

I navigated the metro again and ended up back at the market. I sat next to the server station. I learned more Spanish sitting here listening. Had a Spritz and some food and then they gave me some Sangria. It was left over or a mistake, so I was a little hesitant to drink it, especially after they asked how I liked it.

The bar at my hotel after a nap

Traveling on the fly and with everything so automated now, brings extra challenges. I used to have everything printed before I left on my trip. Mostly because you never know about Internet availability. I remember the days of going to the filthy Internet cafes and even long ago the AAA trip tic. Now with so many travel apps, I forget where things are and which company I have booked through. This trip I added flights and activities to my calendar with where I booked them through. It has helped.

The airports are so different now too, I had booked my flight today for 4:30 pm but realized that leaving earlier on a Friday would be better so booked another flight at 10:30. It costs so little and time is more important. I arrived at the airport in plenty of time but getting a kiosk to work takes some time. This one I had to check in to get my boarding pass and then take a photo of the QR code to pay on my phone for my luggage. Do you think I can remember my six digit code twice? Then the time is up to use the kiosk, basically telling me I am too slow. Then you scan your own bag and put it on the conveyor belt. Both of these processes take place in the same area so it’s crazy.

Now I am at the Madrid airport looking for Lufthansa because I can’t check in online. Thanks Capital One! Free ticket but no confirmation code on the confirmation for the trip home. Some stupid glitch or possibly operator error. I took the bus to Terminal 2, I was at Terminal 4. Took forever. I found the Lufthansa check in and explained my situation. She checked me in. I asked for window seats but she said, you get what you get. After I had the boarding tickets, I checked the website, yup checked in and there were plenty of seats, so now I am in window seats. When I am flying economy, I chose to sit way in the back with hopes of a whole row to stretch out in. Not so important for this trip since I get in on Sat afternoon.

Was thinking of Ubering but it looked complicated so I grabbed a taxi to my hotel. Upgraded!! Unpacked and packed. It will be an early wake up tomorrow.


  1. Wayne Strickland says:

    Glad you got the window seat on the plane.🤗


  2. Wayne Strickland says:

    Great pictures and nice hat you’re wearing.🤗


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