We took an Uber back to the hotel and decided to walk to some of the sites like the beautiful Museum of Fine Art building and the Zocolo Square. Best view is from the top floor of the Sears building. They serve coffee and pastries and you can view for 30 minutes. Then some fun pictures and because it was Sunday we knew we had to eat earlier. Went to a great place a few blocks away called Limonegra, recommended by Mike and Betel. We had our first taste of crickets and beetles. Crunchy like nuts. Great food , great service and we played some Doonball, a fun card game

And beetles
Close up
Great food!!

Catching up, on this blog, I hope

So Xochimilco was so incredible. As my friend, Megan and I say, we were gidy with excitement. There were tourists and locals in the boats. So much happiness. Everyone was festive. Sometimes there were “traffic” jams. We think that a few smaller boats acted as traffic control.

Loved seeing the ladies cook on their boats.

Making a drink
Gardens and cute houses lined the canals


Breakfast at the hotel and then a 35 minute Uber to Xochimilco. We were told it was pretty touristy but popular with the locals. You get on a beautifully painted boat and travel down canals. Little boats come up next to you with beverages and food made in the boats. You could buy souvenirs and also hire a mariachi band.

Ciudad de Mexico

We arrived in the airport on time and caught an Uber easily. It was A gorgeous Saturday. We had booked a hotel from Expedia named Hotel Villa Condesa between the Condesa and Roma Norte sections of Mexico. City. The Uber ride was about 40 minutes and less than 20 USD. So easy. The driver dropped us off and then we looked around the tree lined street. We were at the correct address but no hotel sign. Then magically the blue gate opened and we were greeted by a nice man. The interior gardens were beautiful. He escorted us to the front desk. Easy to check in and he took us to our room.

The hotel has 16 rooms, with a tiny restaurant. Our room had a little terrace attached to the room.

The private terrace where we took a nap and played some games
Outside our room

We needed a small bite to eat so we ventured outside the hotel. The streets are cobblestone and broken concrete and a variety of other materials. One must be vigil while walking or a broken ankle is inevitable. We discussed our usual travel rules….no box hotels, no chain restaurants and try different food. Just a few blocks away we found a very authentic looking place. Menu of the day but not everything was available.

We ordered a beer and I had Chile Relleno con Queso and Natalie had the beefsteak. Neither were edible!

We walked a bit down one of the streets with shops and restaurants. So many dogs! We walked by an Irish pub, then a second one but we kept going until we saw Gin Gin. We had both had heard of it. I had a mezcal and berry martini and Natalie had an Old Fashion. It was a perfect place to people watch. The couple behind us seemed to be on a first date and the he mentioned Madison Wisconsin. I asked him if he was from Wisconsin and he said his brother worked at Epic, a large medical software company. We actually were in front of him two days later at the airport. He ignored us.

We just walked around, wandering around the streets. People just walk g around with dogs and babies. We found ourselves at the origination of Tacos al Pastor. So we sat down and tried one.

We were hoping that these tacos would be amazing, but alas….

I am a really picky eater and always trying to find great food. I would rather spend money on food than accommodations. We walked a bit more until we passed the Irish Pub again. So we made the mandatory stop as had been decided years ago in Shanghai with my friend, Megan. She is very Irish. I found out recently that I am 10 % on my Dads side. Now, every foreign country I go to, I try to find an Irish pub. This one was called Wallace.

We ordered Manhattans and they were served to us perfectly!

Number one

We walked back to our hotel. Stopped at a local OXXO for a cheap bottle of wine. Our nice hotel opened it and brought us nice glasses. I am so lucky that my beautiful daughter enjoys traveling with me! My son does too! I feel sorry for the families that don’t. I certainly have had crazy travel trips with my Mom too.

We decided to watch a little mini series called, Alias,Grace. Just six episodes over the next nights, then Le Miz. Reading, “West with Giraffes” about two giraffes traveling from NYC in 1938 to the San Diego Zoo. A great read. Also, “Winston Churchill, the early years” and “Taste My life through Food.” By Stanley Tucci.

Crickets and Beetles in Mexico

It’s my usual two week recharge, reboot, for Fall. My plan was to go to India but also be realistic that it might not happen, but not to repeat last year. Last year I took two short trips to Mexico. While these trips were exciting and relaxing, I did not get a chance to be re-energized by travel.

My daughter and I planned a vague trip to India to accomplish a few things, one being visiting with our long time friend Shirley. I visited her in 2010, after an attempted visit in 2009 which was cut short when my Father died suddenly in the country of Hungary. Shirley was very excited to see us and had many things planned. She has visited the USA several times as a guest in my home.

We also hoped to see the Taj Mahal, meet the Dalai Lama and go on a boat trip in Kerala. I had written to His Highness and emailed hoping to get an audience. I never did hear back so we planned to just hang out in Dharmsala and take our chances.

But e-visas we’re not possible and mailing in out passports was risky. What if we didn’t get them back in time, then we could not go anywhere. We discussed Greece, Panama, Spain and other places but decided on Mexico.

On my Bucket/Lust list has had Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende on it for a long time. I wanted to include some beach time so we added Tulum too.

It’s so easy to cross the boarder at the CBX crossing near the Tijuana airport. I had done the same last February.

The Local

Apertivo by the canal with a gin and tonic 4 cicchetti’s. These are meant so you don’t starve in between meals and to avoid drinking on an empty stomach, love the presentation. On shells and on pine needles.

Boiled baby potatoes with anchovy sauce. Cannoli with creamed cod . Rice crackers with a fruity compote, birds nest with lemony sauce and smoked oyster

Tomato Ice Tea! Wow!!!
Wasabi and watermelon
Holy Mackerel! So tasty!!

Baked heirloom tomato

Unbelievable pasta with corriender

Best chicken ever with coconut sauce

And dessert!

Marshmallow, apricot and pistachio’s, some gel and grappa truffle.

What an amazing dinner and wine pairings. The wine selections were fantastic. Loved everything. I think I have done Venice right!


It sounds like the house’s were assigned colors in the past, but now the residents are free to chose what color to paint their house.

Another leaning tower

Morning coffee.

I could touch the menu but I had to wear gloves. They looked used!

This island is known for lace making. I did not go to Murano to see the glass. Back to Venice. I was now starving. Just happened upon the restaurant, best dish so far. It was filled with male laborers. They ate a lot and drank a lot.

I saved room for the zucchini flowers that were down the street. The restaurant didn’t open until 12:30. They were delicious. Osteria Olivia Nera.

Reservations tonight for The Local. It looks fabulous!